62nd Six Dales Walk

27th September 2020

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The Six Dales Walk is a team walk, split into Junior and Senior sections. Both follow the same linear route, with the Junior Walk finishing at the 23 mile checkpoint, and the Senior Walk at the end of the 42 miles.

General Rules and Information

For reasons of safety and fairness walkers have to abide by certain rules.  If these are not followed, the organisers are able to retire walkers from the walk. The organisers also reserve the right to alter any arrangements on the day in the interests of safety. Teams will consist of between 4 and 7 walkers. Age requirements are shown in the Junior and Senior Rules. 13 and 14 year olds can enter either walk, but not both. All ages are as on the day of the competition.Times and distances for trophies are calculated to the furthest point where the team still meets the original team requirements.

All young walkers must be members of the Scout Association or Girlguiding. Adult walkers must be members of or supported by a group belonging either to the Scout Association or Girlguiding.

It is essential that teams are able to effectively negotiate the route using “mapping and compass skills”. Failure to be able to demonstrate such skills may cause the Organisers to retire a Team at any stage of the event

The winning team in each category is the team of four or more that walks together the furthest in the shortest time. A team may only win one trophy.

Walkers have to stay in their teams at all times and stay within easy-talking distance, except in case of emergency.

Walkers can only retire at checkpoints, except in case of emergency.

In case of emergency or injury, walkers must follow the procedure set out on the Emergency Safety Card.

Teams will not normally be allowed to continue from a checkpoint after the closing times shown.

The organisers will arrange for retired walkers to be transported, so that Junior walkers are taken to Lofthouse checkpoint and Senior walkers to  West Tanfield.

Each checkpoint must be visited. Each walker is given a Control Card, which must be handed in and then collected when arriving and leaving each Checkpoint.

In order to give all walkers a chance of walking as far as they are able, the organisers may ask teams or walkers to join together (up to the maximum of 7 walkers). Teams can choose to refuse this, except the last possible team leaving a checkpoint.  No credit time is given to walkers who have to wait for a re-formed team

Assistance to walkers in any form from supporters is not allowed.

No dogs or other pets are allowed on the walk.

The equipment listed is compulsory.

Spare kit (eg change of clothes and shoes) will be carried forward so that it is available to walkers after retirement at Kilnsey, and at Lofthouse, Grewelthorpe and West Tanfield checkpoints. Each walker should have their own bag, which must be a secure holdall or rucksack – not a plastic bag or binliner.